Buster Crabbe Admirals Walk Aluminum Swimming Pool

Buster Crabbe

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The difference between the Admirals Walk Pool, and the other traditional Buster Crabbe Pools is the Wall. The wall of the Admiral’s Walk gets assembled in your backyard by connecting 4-inch (4″ x 52″) interlocking aluminum panels. These are the thickest extruded aluminum panels on the market. Once installed, they form the most durable pool wall on the planet.

It can be installed on-ground and is capable of being partially buried. Buster Crabbe Pools decks are made of aluminum and get carpeted in grey, blue, or brown. The fence is a resin with an aluminum core. Bead channel for hanging the pool liner is aluminum. Also, the security folding stairs are aluminum. Sensing a pattern? This pool is never going to rust.

  • Spacious 18” walk-around, carpeted deck
  • 6' deep (by width of pool) carpeted end deck
  • Interlocking extruded aluminum wall panels
  • 36” Regency fencing (meets all local ordinances)
  • Deluxe set of ladders (deck to pool) & outside ground to deck
  • Heavy duty beaded liner hung from inside wall track
  • 30 year extended warranty on pool wall and frame
  • Manufactured locally in the USA (New Jersey)
SIZE (Width x Length)  GALLONS
12' x 20' 7,600
12' x 24' 9,200
16' x 24' 12,500
16' x 32' 16,400